Main St Democrats is a national network of grassroots organizers and volunteers fired up about winning the 2022 and 2024 elections. We organize online and locally to support the Democratic Party. We believe our progressive values and views represent the majority. We are calling everyone to step up with fierce urgency of now to volunteer to help the Democrats. We believe that the Republican Party threatens our freedom and our democracy, freedom, and the future of our planet.Β 

You can join our weekly meetings on zoom starting Monday, August 22nd.Β 

What do Main St Democrats want?

  • A strong social safety net.
  • A fierce urgency to protect girls' and women's lives post-Dobbs decision.
  • A powerful response to the Republican Party's attacks on democracy and its embrace of fascism.
  • An effective response to climate change.
  • A living wage.
  • Regard for future generations.
  • A powerful network of grassroots organizers with access to resources and training.
  • A Democratic Party that solicits opinions and meaningful participation from its members.
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